"Straight Talk Live!" WEEU 830 AM
On this weekly call-in talk show, Nick discusses the great topics and events of today, including: Politics, Science & Religion, Philosophy, Traditional & Alternative Medicine, and the Paranormal. All subjects are always in play!
"Straight Talk"  WEEU 830AM 
 Nick produces and hosts a one hour, on-air and internet weekly show. It is a lively, entertaining, and informative interview format, with well-known and aspiring authors from all over the country.  Guests have included Mariel Hemmingway, Christianne Northrop, Bruce Lipton, Gregg Braden, Dr. Susan Smith Jones, Doreen Virtue, Kim John Payne, Marci Shimoff, Daniel Gottlieb, Ph.D, and many others. 
"Radio Voices"  WEEU 830AM 
Nick produces and hosts a one hour weekly teen talk show focusing on issues in the lives of teenagers, with call-ins from adult and teen audiences. Issues discussed include social pressures, relationship issues, current trends and events, lifestyle choices and teen fashion.
"The Marketplace" WEEU 830 
Nick hosts a lively weekly interactive one hour e-Bay/Craig’s List type call-in show where we connect buyers and sellers of household items, equipment, automobiles and real estate.
"Great Talk Radio" 1370 WPAZ 
This ten year running show was a general call-in talk show featuring current social, political, and entertainment topics with weekly guests from across a broad spectrum of society.
"It’s Your Money" PCTV Channel 11
Produced, directed, marketed and hosted weekly half hour financial show,  This show highlighted and explained Financial/Retirement, Estate and Insurance Planning in a simple, straightforward manner, easy to understand by the novice or seasoned investor.
"The Ace Report" PCTV Channel 27
Hosts a show featuring national and international experts on environmental issues. Topics of discussion include: nuclear power plants, landfills, chemical plants and Super Fund sites, with an emphasis of their effect on the environment and personal health.
Companion CD to "Be Healthy, Stay Balanced."
Hosted an interview with Dr. Susan Smith Jones for a companion CD to her book. 
Penn Herb Company CD
Hosted interview with Dr. Susan Smith Jones for a companion CD to the Penn Herb Company Catalog.
Theracyl Infomercial
Hosted a national infomercial for Astral Brands of Atlanta, Georgia promoting their product a hormone rejuvenation formula for menopausal women.