"Nick is an unusually well-prepared interviewer, and also a down-to-earth, genuine, warm-hearted, and enormously likable. I had a great time on his show, and he is wonderful at drawing out the best in his guests. No wonder his shows have such a following."
-Rick Hanson, Ph.D., author of Buddha's Brain: The Practical Neuroscience of Happiness, Love, and Wisdom 
"Nick Lawrence is a real 'radio guy.' He is a pro; he knows how to conduct an interview; he puts guests at ease and keeps listeners tuned in; and that voice is as rich as hot fudge on French vanilla."
-Victoria Moran, author of Creating a Charmed Life
“Nick Lawrence’s Straight Talk show is just that. Nick provides outstanding and informative inquiry on a broad range of health topics with great openness, receptivity, and powerful exploration. Take time to listen in. You will be rewarded. I so enjoyed my interview with Nick on the topic of the Enneagram system of personality types.”
-David Daniels, M.D. Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, Stanford Medical School and Enneagram pioneer. 
 "I work with hundreds of radio show hosts and Nick is certainly at the top of my list for his professionalism, his warm nature and for bringing out the best in all his guests. Nick is the first person I call when I have a new author to promote."
- Suzanna Gratz, Inspiring Promotions
"Nick Lawrence is the consummate radio talk show host. Not only does he do his homework before each interview; he also brings an extraordinary enthusiasm and passion during the interview that’s catching. The author feels it and so does his immense listening audience. That’s why Nick is every author’s “dream-host.” He has a kind and supportive nature during the interview, along with his goal for his authors — to make them shine brightly and help sell their books. As part of the author community, I’ve been interviewed by radio hosts who had a copy of my book, yet it was obvious that they didn’t look at it or were more keen on boosting their egos than supporting the book. Nick is the antithesis of this! Once Nick interviews you and champions your book, you will be a better talk show guest and will also be spoiled for all future radio talk show interviews in which you participate. Simply put, Nick Lawrence is the best-of-the-best and you would consider yourself blessed, indeed, to be part of his interview lineup."
Susan Smith Jones, PhD, author of 27 books, including Recipes for Health Bliss, The Healing Power of NatureFoods, Health Bliss, The Joy Factor and Walking on Air www.susansmithjones.com